Wine Industry

Made special for the Wine industry:

For decades the wine industry used the Carlyle/Carrier 05F/5H open dive compressors, because of their reliability, quite operation and efficiently. Ecochillers® is proud to offer this option with our air-cooled and water cooled designs. Using whisper quite EC motor fans, high efficiency microchannel coils (reduces refrigerant charge by 50%) and using the Carlyle 5F/H compressor with a VFD, you will have one of the quietest, most efficient chillers in the industry. 

Ecochillers® designs, builds, and distributes chiller systems directly to the wine making industry. The process of wine making is a very sophisticated process that involves complex, precise temperature management. An extreme flux in temperature cause serious issues with your wine making process effecting wine quality.

Ecochllers® chillers are compact efficient and reliable.  Our chillers look good and do not take up too much space.