in the plastics industry Ecochillers has proven industry experience ensuring the most efficient designs. Our chillers are installed to cooling plastic that is injected, extruded or blown. The equipment used to create a plastic mold may also require cooling allowing the machine to operate more efficiently. This will assist the machine in operating more efficiently and aid in the extension of the life of the machine.

Call Ecochillers to help select a chiller based on your requirements to plastic coolingmold cooling, injection molding chillers, process cooling equipment, plastic injection molding  etc.

A plastics chiller is a refrigerated unit that cool water to cools plastics Molding, extruders, Blowing throughout the manufacturing process. a closed-loop system is recomended, so no debris from the plastic can mix with your process water.

Plastic Injection Chiller Calculation

To determine the chiller Capacity:

  1. Determine Plastic material weight per hour.
  2. Determine cooling capacity on Table 1, based on Cooling Mold Only and by separate Oil Cooling Press Pump
  3. Determine if the extruder or any auxiliary equipment will require chill water. If not, go to _______________
  4. Size the equipment cooling capacity based on Table 1, Column 2 Mold Cooling  and Column 3 Oil Cooling
  5. if you desire to use the same Chiller for Mold and Oil Cooling Combine the process and equipment cooling requirements, Not Recomended, Ecochillers Recomends a Chiller for Mold Coolig and a Closed Circuit Dry Cooler or Adiabtic and Evaporative Coolrer, (also you can Go for a Cooling Tower but more Energy and Water waste may ocour.
  6. Size your chiller by the Total Nominal Chiller Capacity, keep in mind some other loads as Heat gaining for not Insulated Parts and Piping
  7.  Select the real chiller capacity made the corrections based on ambient temperaures, enviroment a well ventilated Chiller area, see Ecochillers Chiller Instalation recomendations Manual  

For example, what size chiller is needed for a polypropylene molding operation ?

Click below to download our plastic processing sizing Datta Sheet:

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Some suggestion and tips on how to select chillers for injection molding machine or extrusion machine: