Adiabatic & Dry Coolers

What is and How it Works an Adiabatic Cooler?

An adiabatic cooler is a Closed Circuit Air Forced Cooled Coil (copper tubes and aluminum fins that conducts water, Oil or Glycol inside) like a Car Radiator Cooler, that incorporates the benefit of water evaporation with Pre-cooling Pads, the Pads is a Cell surface with a small water falling film to humid the pads then Fans Ventilators Forced Ambient Air drive through the Pads, Water evaporates this evaporation take the heat from the air reducing the temperature of the Air and this Air goes trough the Coil or Radiator, the result is Colder Air Below the Ambient Temperature, this help the Cooler to be More Efficient and getting Lower Liquid Temperatures.

Best Results in Desertic or Dry Ambient, benefits the lower Ambient Temperature  Dew Point, Lower Dew Point means Lower Water Evaporation Temperatures.

Savings Winter or Cold Nights helps to reduce the use of adiabatic cooling needs saving water using the Cooler in Dry Mode, The Adiabatic or Water Falling Film is not used several times even in summer it depends of location, altitude and weather.

Saving on Fans Energy consumption, in Cold weathers or when the ambient Temperatures goes down the Ecogreen VSD and EC Fans reducing Speed and Power demand based on our CArel Controller.

Ecogreen Adiabatic Coolers Benefits:

  • Lower Cooling Temperatures Achieved than Dry Coolers
  • Down to 30% the water Consumption VS a Cooling Tower
  • Higher Fluid Temperatures than cooling towers Up to 300°F
  • No Chemical Treatment
  • Reducing or Eliminates Legionella Risk
  • Lower Electric Fans Power Consumption
  • Custom Made, Tailored


  • Ziehl Abbeg EC and AC VSD Axial Fans
  • Rossenberg EC and AC VSD Axial Fans
  • Nidec Control Technics VFD
  • Coilmaster Coils
  • Munters Adiabatic Pads
  • Carel Controller


  • Plastic Industry
  • Datta Centers Cooling
  • Datta Centers Heat Recovery for Buildings Heating
  • Food Production
  • Beverage and Dairy Pasteurization
  • Pharma and Chemical
  • Automotive hydraulic Oil Cooling Stamping
  • Chocolate and Candy
  • Wine, Beer and Tequila Distillery

also we partnership whit the World Leader Guntner

  • Hot Stamping Hydraulic Oil Cooling
  • flow 800 gpm

Equipo GUTNER Drycoolers (V-shape coil) with finoox® technology 75 - 1700 kW Brine

Equipo Chiller YORK YLAA 120 toneladas de enfriamiento