Applications - Process chillers

Industrial Process Applications

The purpose of chillers is to guarantee the global food supply, preserving the quality and freshness of meats, plants, confectionery or chocolate processes, cooling water temperature and ice making, etc. 

Laser Cutting

Technology has created machines that can cut very specific steel products with the precise use of laser cutting machines. This laser operates at very high temperatures and must be cooled to function properly.

Plastics Industry

Chillers for Injection and Blow Mold Cooling, Injector Hydraulic Oil.

Bakery & Food

Chillers for: Pasteurization of dairy products, beverages, water, sausages, poultry in slaughterhouses, cooling vegetables for packaging and transportation. ice factories. Tequila distillation, must cooling.

Wine Industry

Ecochillers® designs, builds, and distributes chiller systems directly to the wine making industry.

Medic Industry

Magnetic Resonance Imaging, MRI, CT, Chemical Labs. The most reliable chillers in the medical industry through its cooling solutions.

Heat Recovery

Heat Recovery systems are those that provide Cooling and Heating at the same time, which are developed for better sustainability in the energy field.

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