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Urban south brewery


Urban south brewery located in New Orleans specialize in hand crafted lagers and ales. Jacob Landry the founder of Urban South Brewery was looking for a chiller to pull down and maintain their fermentation process and refrigeration conditioning of their brite tanks.

They selected a 15 HP (R410A) glycol chiller from (ECT) Engineered Cooling Technologies, by Ecochillers, Inc. for their brewery operation. The chiller they selected has two Copeland scroll compressors, Micro-channel coils for increased efficiency and reduced refrigerant change. The chiller also included a pump kit package, programmable controller and German EC motor fans.

Cooling System for fermentation process and Tequila distillation


Hello, this is Bladimir Espinoza from Ecochillers, I wanted to share with you this project that was carried out in Capilla de Guadalupe, Jalisco, Mexico. Where we had the opportunity of calculate, design, provide cooling and pumping systems, but also the installation of cool water plumbers for the many fermentation processes and tequila destillation.

York Chiller with capacity for 300 cooling tons each, with a total of 6000 coling tons

Here are the Chillers we used to cool down and control temperature on the distillation columns.

One Guntner adiabatic drycooler with capacity of 500 coling tons

This Drycooler with adiabatic system has a capacity of 500 cooling tons; it was designed and selected to be able to make a pre cooling of the process, we achieve to cool it from 95°C a 35°C, this system was a big success since we could achieve a great energy saving about 400 KW/HR. 

Multipurpose Pumping System

This pumping system is designed with some spaces available for additional centrifugal pumps for short, medium or large term.

Please remember that we are here to serve you with any advice you may need, we can visit your plant or design cooling systems with cool water for any industrial process.

Bladimir Espinoza

Process Engineer

Chillers for Orange Juice


Hello, this is Eng. Miguel Salinas from Ecochillers, I’m sharing this project that was made on Veracruz, Mexico.

We installed 2 parallel-connected low-temperature units, these work at -17°C so we can keep the juice with frozen flakes for exportation. 

1 Chiller ULTRA of 255 tons and 1 Chiller Ultra of 150 tons of nominal capacity, manufactured with high capacity compressors with a high speed variator each.

We achieve the frozen of 22,000 lt of natural orange juice in 1 hour, from 10ºC a -17ºC storage in a stainless steel tank, ready to pack and be loaded to cooled containers for exportation.

We achieve to reach the best efficiency and capacity thanks to the technology of the Carlyle Bitzer compressors with VFD, these work on partial load from 60 to 50HZ making mor efficient the process of download with the sliding capacity valves, 

Miguel Salinas

Process Engineer

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