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Chillers and Air Conditioner Manufacturer and Distributor. We are an international company dedicated to the manufacturing of chillers for cooling systems solutions, plastic materials, food, pharmacy, machine instruments, industrial processes and air conditioner.

Our Ecogreen® brand has a variety of types and models, such as Chillers from 1 to 3000 tons, water handlers or direct expansion, package type equipment and complete projects.

We have a staff of engineers for installations, repairs, maintenance and minor services, fully qualified and in continuous development. 

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Our Values

Committed with the environment 

Dedicated to manufacture of Cooling and Heating Solutions Chillers, Heat Pumps, Air Handlers for a wide applications in refrigeration systems, plastic materials, food, pharmaceuticals, machinery instruments, industrial processes and air conditioning.

Decarbonization-Electrification The economy, Fossil Fuel crisis and Global Warming, demands not only more efficiency and rough equipment, demands Heating Produced by Ecogreen Heat Pumps instead Fossil Fuel Boilers, but not only Heating production, also recover the Heat produced by AC systems when this run-in cooling Mode whit Heat Recovery systems

 ECOGREEN  SOLUTIONS Sustainable Solutions providing HVAC Equipment focus on maximize energy and water efficiency, utilize LOW GWP refrigerant avoiding fossil fuels and go to electrification.


We have been manufacturing and selling our Chillers all across the US, Canada, Latin America, the Caribbean, and even as far as Guam (US Navy), Hawaii, Saudi Arabia and Kenia since 1995, with only Premium Components, delivered from our Laredo, TX warehouse.

We manufacture an average of 20,000 tons every year.

Our main market is based on custom made, special design, Industrial  HVAC & Process, Scroll, Screw, Magnetic Centrifugal and Semi Hermetic Chillers from 1   and up to 250 tons, Modular up to 2,500 tons, (TUV listed), and we are about to be listed up to 600 tons.

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