Medical Industry

Chillers for hospitals and diagnostic centers

Echochillers® provides one of the most reliable chillers on the medical industry through cooling solutions. We offer cooling systems to maximize the operation time.

We are distributors of the medical equipment manufacturers, such as GE, Philips and Siemmens, our experience provides an extend medicine vision based on the manufacturer requirements.

If you are installing a Linear Accelerator, Magnetic Resonance, Tomography, RIL, MR, Leophilization, reactor cooling, pasteurization, vaccines or any other medical equipment, your installation will work at its bets, all Chillers are for continuous use and are designed for ambient temperatures up to 48°C, we can supply them or manufacture the connections and water pipes in stainless steel.

The cooling requirement of an MRI is the large superconducting magnet in the outer ring of the MRI. To achieve maximum performance these magnets must be cooled to -200 to-600C. To achieve this, liquid helium is used as a coolant.

In order to maintain the liquid helium cooling system, a water-cooled chiller must be used, and this is where highly efficient and robust outdoor chiller systems are designed.

Chillers for Magnetic Resonance

FlujGESigna 1.5T34,000
GEReady Lab Cyclotron360,000
Phillips Ininon 1.5T88,000
SiemmensImpact MRI27,325
Siemmens Open Viva MRI85,380
SiemmensVision MRI92,210
SiemmensHarmony MRI85,380
SiemmensSymphony MRI102,460
SiemmensQuantum (1.5T) MRI153,684
SiemmensSonata MRI170,650
SiemmensTrio MRI178,000
SiemmensAvanto MRI (60 kW)204,724
SiemmensMagnetom Espree (63kW)214,964