Laser Cutting Industry

In the laser cutting industry, light projection industry, etc. A chiller system is required to cool down the lasers and power supply. Lasers are operated at very high temperatures and must be cooled appropriately to function at peak efficiency. For maximum performance and reliability, a laser system requires a stable source of cooling fluid. 

That is where an Ecochillers® chiller is used to give your equipment proper cooling, to ensure your process keeps up with production demands.

The chiller is determined by laser wattage, resonator efficiency, resonator and optics temperature requirements, and ambient temperature. Laser systems requiring the resonator and optics operating temperature to be at or below ambient, vapor compression (VC) water chillers are typically used.

The Ecochillers® water chiller can handle high heat loads and, when equipped with proper control systems, hold process cooling within <+/-0.5°F.