Bakery & Food Industry

Ecochillers® specializes in designing and manufacturing chillers for the food processing and industrial bakery industries. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations that will cost effectively and efficiently accommodate your applications.

Controlled mixing temperature has long been used to provide consistent dough rising times for breads and baked goods. We specialize in designing and manufacturing chillers for the food and beverage industry. Our food processing chillers are used in a range of settings, including in frozen yogurt shops, bakeries, wineries, breweries, and much more.

Bakeries have multiple uses for chilled glycol including

  • Mixer cooling chiller glycol is circulated through a cooling jacket to control the dough-out temperature, Critical to any baker.
  • Sponge cooling chiller glycol is circulated through a plate heat exchanger, cooling Sponge.
  • Chilled Potable Water-Provide 34-35° F Chiller Potable Water from our standard mixer chiller system.
  • Liquid yeast cooling the liquid yeast is stored in jacketed tanks and it is critical to control their temperatures.