The Process Cooling Standard
Water Cooled Screw Chiller
Ecogreen® Ultra® Serie ECCLWSC078
Ecogreen® Ultra® Compact Series 1 to 3 compressor , 1 to 2 condenser, 1 to 2 fans
Ecogreen® ECCLASH-COMPACT-3C Air Cooled
Ecogreen® Ultra® Serie ECCLASH257,ECCLASH128
The Process Cooling Standard
Air Cooled Screw Chiller
Ecogreen® ECCLSC236 Air Cooled
Semi-hermetic Chillers
The Process Cooling Standard
Air Cooled Semi Hermetic Chiller
Ecogreen® ECCLASH1032-1236 Air Cooled



EcoChillers Inc. provides Chillers and Cooling systems for Machine tool Steel, Plastic Injection, Extruders, Food, Beverages, Pharmacy, Hospitals, Medical MRI, Scanners, Laboratory, and Air Conditioning industries.

Customers like Emerson, Mitsubishi Electronics, Hersheys, Magna, Tequila Sauza, Chrysler, Tequila Patron, have the EcoChillers Inc. experience with excellent performance and low maintenance time.

Ecogreen® Chillers
Air Cooled Scroll Process Compact

1 up to 4 compressors, brazed plate heat exchangers, pump kit and tank in to chiller cabinet.

Water Cooled Scroll

1 up to 4 compressors brazed plate heat exchangers.

Ecochillers Inc. develops Chillers for Specific applications, Specific challenges, Specific solutions, and Specific customers like you.

Our plant is located in Guadalajara, Mexico with service/sales offices in Laredo and Houston, Tx. We can deliver your chiller in only 5 days* from our Texas, offices.

*restriction may apply

We maintain a 120 Chillers in stock from 1 to 250 tons.


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