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Ecogreen® ECC 07FY/07HY Condensing Units

Ecogreen® ECC 07FY/07HY Condensing Units


Brand: Ecogreen®
Model: ECC 07FY/07HY
Type: Condensing Units
Tons: 20 to 150
Refrigerant :



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If a base-mounted compressor is required, it can be manufactured in a direct-drive or belt-driven configuration where the compressor is provided on a heavy duty channeled steel base with a coupling or belt guard. The base comes drilled to your motor specification. You can select your base-mounted compressor using readily available performance data or let Carrier know your specifications and a base-mounted compressor will be selected for you.

The 5H is offered as a bare compressor, as a factory-assembled compressor, as a factory-assembled 05HY compressor unit, and as a factory-assembled 07HY condensing unit when paired with a P701 condenser. Complete systems include motor, drive arrangement, control panel, and condenser as required. Or, all components may be ordered as separate sale items for field assembly and installation.

Standard Features
  • 3-year compressor warranty
  • used with most refrigerants
  • 20 to 150 ton range
  • high operating efficiency
  • 50 years of proven reliability
  • multi-drive application
  • multi-speed range
  • multi-motor/voltage combinations
  • multi-condenser combinations
  • multi-control-panel designs
  • factory assembled system or separate components for field assembly
  • 6-week maximum availability

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